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A Little Plexiglas, A Power Drill, And Voila! Vented Side Window For The Tercel!

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

You see a lot of budget-challenged repairs and modifications on Crusher-bound vehicles; along with adding a handful of Little Trees, a car's final owner often performs some last-ditch fixes in order to stay mobile.


I was visiting the self-service wrecking yard that brought us such Field Expedient Engineering gems as the hasp-and-padlock Cadillac Security System, the Renault Alliance Urine Sample Shift Knob, and the Lord Humungus Body Kit Oldsmobile when I came across this early-80s Toyota Corolla Tercel (how's that for confusing branding?) with a really innovative driver's-side window. It appears that the Toyota's previous owner got tired of the lack of side glass in his or her ride, and (not willing and/or able to come up with $15 for a junkyard replacement window) did a pretty fair fabrication job on a piece of clear acrylic. So far so good…


Rather than enabling the old up-down by rigging the window up to the regulator mechanism in the door, the creator of this window decided to rig up some brackets to affix the window in place, then drilled hundreds of holes to provide incessant, maddening whistling ventilation at speed. Note how each hole is angled to point at the driver. Brilliant!