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The Lexus LFA debuted approximately 12 hours ago and already German tuner 889speedshop is offering renderings detailing their plans for the first tuned version of the new LFA.


889speedshop will be adding their well-known touch to the Lexus LFA 889, making the already exclusive supercar even more-so. With a planned production run of just five cars, the LFA 889 will include the addition of an even lighter carbon-fiber hood and fender skins with an additional duct just ahead of the door. The front fascia has been revised for a more aggressive appearance and higher flow ducting for the front brakes. Out back a carbon fiber splitter will be added and the variable spoiler will be replaced with a fixed carbon fiber unit. Wheels will be also be quite exotic, featuring hollow core spokes beneath the even blacker finish.

Tuning will be kept subtle, with a freer-flowing titanium exhaust system and intake and a light ECU reprogram good for a planned 20 HP bump. Most importantly is the cost, which is expected to add $65,000 to the LFA's $400,000 price tag.

If you believed any of this you're not gullible, you've just been conditioned to expect this kind of thing from shops that love putting out renders of cars before they get them.


However, if you get your hands on an LFA and have an extra $65,000 sitting around, our graphics team can probably make this happen in real life and not just in their awesome renders.

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