Fox Marketing Prepping Twin-Turbo IS Convertible

Illustration for article titled Fox Marketing Prepping Twin-Turbo IS Convertible

The tuners at Fox Marketing, fresh on the heels of their twin-turbo IS-F, have returned to the RWD Lexus sedan for a convertible coupe version. Better still? The "Ecto Cooler" green color.


The vehicle itself is not a an IS-F, but rather an IS convertible with an IS-F body and twin-turbos. It's unclear at the time which of the IS family's line of engines this particular model will get, but we're holding out for a screaming V8 — otherwise that rollbar isn't going to get much work. Expect to see this vehicle at the next SEMA in non-rendered format. [via TRMTuned]

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Rob Emslie

It has a URL on the front bumper, rendering it immediately dead to me. That. and the fact that it IS-F'd up.