635 HP 1995 Wide-Ass Toyota Supra for $43,995!

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Are you painfully introverted? Need a car to break out of your shell? It's Nice Price or Crack Pipe time, and today we have a Supra that'll turn you from shy to fly.

The Toyota Supra is an enigma among the brand's models- it has an actual personality, and more flair than an entire Tchotchke's franchise. A stock Supra might be enough to get you noticed by the dragons, but this ricer goes 5 steps further with a J-lo body kit and enough engine mods for a tire-shredding 635 Kiso. That heavily breathed upon 2JZ-GTE is backed up by sufficient TRD and other aftermarket parts to to keep you in acronyms for months, and the whole thing is backed up by a seller-claimed $85,000 in receipts. Some of those receipts will likely be for the paint job, which is as loud as we'd imagine that trashcan exhaust to be. This car is not for shrinking violets, or Q-ship captains, or witness protection stoolies. It's loud and proud and could be the perfect Gran Turismo to fulfill your Need for Speed, no matter which Midnight Club you call your own.


So, is $43,995 a Nice Price for an in your face, lampshade on its head, life of the party, Supra? Or do you vote Crack Pipe for this too-much Toyota?

You decide!


eBay or go here if the ad gets Vin Diesel'd.

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