In perhaps one of the most Bidenesque moments ever, the Corvette-loving real Vice President of the United States Joe Biden called out the fake Trans-Am-loving version of himself from The Onion, who at this moment is giving a real fake iAMA on Reddit. If you're from 1990 and are browsing Jalopnik through a wormhole on your Gateway computer that last sentence makes no sense to you.

Where to begin?

Vice President Joe Biden is hilarious in that he has a sense of humor and that he has, on the relative scale of Vice Presidents, an irregular sense of propriety.

Satirical news empire The Onion created their own, slightly exaggerated version of Joe Biden who is just like your black sheep uncle in that he gets kicked out of Dave & Buster's and drives a Bitchin' Trans-Am.


That satirical Biden is doing an Ask Me Anything on reddit to promote his Amazon single.

In response to the fake Joe Biden once again insisting that he loves Trans-Ams, the real VP reminded everyone that he actually prefers Corvettes.

We're living in the future.