We all love driving on a twisting, curving road. But for getting from point A to point B in the fastest time possible, you need to cut those corners and go straight.Jalopnik readers have found the straightest roads in the world.

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Sometimes, backroads just don't cut it. You need to be somewhere and you need to be somewhere now. That's when you hop on the straight and narrow and gun it. Other times, the landscape is just soooooo boring that a curvy road would be a waste of everyone's time.

Here are the 10 of the straightest of the straight.

Photo Credit: Flickr, Bort1974


10.) CO 17, Colorado

In the grand scheme of things, 48 miles isn't all that long. But 48 miles of dead straight roads are hard to come by.

The San Luis Valley in Colorado is just that: 48 miles of straight road running right through the valley. Looks like a boring adventure to us.
Suggested By: 4 cam torino


9.) I-10W, Phoenix

What's two slight corners over 80 miles amongst friends? That's what you have on I-10 outside of Phoenix.


The road through the desert is one that is rarely exciting or fun, so the planners know to make them straight to get you out as quickly as possible.

Suggested By: bderegt


8.) North Dakota to Canada

The Northwest has some of the best driving roads in the country, with rolling hills and amazing scenery. But it also has some of the most boring.

Like this 94 mile stretch with slight kinks that goes straight into Canada. I guess all roads can't be super thrilling.


Suggested By: Stroke-a-loke


7.) SK-33, Saskatchewan

Oh, Canada. You're so polite, so kind, our friendly neighbor to the north. And with that politeness comes just a tinge of boredom.

Like this, highway SK-33: an 87 mile stretch of straightness that is only positive as the fastest way out of Regina. Or the fastest way to Regina, depending on how much you like Canada.


Suggested By: Jordan Hewlett


6.) I-80W, Lincoln, Nebraska

84.4 miles. It's basically straight, and is apparently only occupied by truckers and the lost.

Sounds about right.

Suggested By: ericeng91


5.) Jordan to Bahrain

670 miles. That's how long this stretch from the border of Jordan to Bahrain is. That's a lot of miles. It isn't perfectly straight, but the corners are very long sweepers, when they do come about.

So basically it's the laziest, longest, and gentlest slalom in the entire world. A road that can be drive with your knees while you crochet a sweater.


Suggested By: conrader


4.) Highway 15/64 Texas to Oklahoma

HammerheadFistpunch found a cool little bit of trivia for us:

I found a little gem on the texahoma border, it jogs a tiny bit in town, but is mostly 100% strait for 107 miles. Technically, its in 3 states.


Three states with no real discernable curves. Way to go highway authority!

Suggested By: HammerheadFistpunch


3.) Highway 46, North Dakota

A road that is basically 119 miles with nary a corner. Sure, there are a few kinks, but holy guacamole is this thing long and straight.

The kinks break up the straight parts, but hey, 31 miles of straight and then a kink so slight you have to nudge the wheel with your knee, maybe, barely counts in our book.


Suggested By: KusabiSensei


2.) Eyre Highway, Australia

So the other roads on this list may have a slight kink or a light bend somewhere along the way. That isn't the case on the Eyre Highway. It's 90 miles of unadulterated straight boringness. Sure, there are elevation changes, but this Australian road is perfect for a car that doesn't even have a steering wheel on board.

It has to be so boring. But the good thing is that if you fall asleep in a car that has a good wheel alignment, you won't really crash into anything for hours.


Suggested By: SennaMP4

1.) Highway 10, Saudi Arabia

The desert is pretty boring. So why not drive straight across? The stretch on Highway 10 in Saudi Arabia from Haradh to the border is 162 miles.


We don't see one corner. Or kink. Or need for the use of a steering wheel. It's as straight as the straightest of arrows. Congratulations for building the most boring road in the world Saudi Arabia!

Suggested By: lollerskate76