As your house gets flooded by Hurricane Sandy's storm surge, it's hard to know which luxury superyacht would make the best home-away-from-home. Thankfully, Jalopnik readers know the ten best yachts on sale today.

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It's high tide here in New York, the Hudson is breaching its banks, and heavy storm surge is on the way. At this time, the nation's rich ask themselves "why don't the poors just go on vacation on their yachts?"

This is a very sensible question, and we at Jalopnik encourage all East Coasters in the path of Frankenstorm to go out, right now, and purchase a multimillion dollar yacht. Strolling along a teak deck with near-hurricane-force winds in your hair is one of life's great pleasures. If the wind makes you think of the tree that just fell through the roof of your house, just retire to the sumptuous cabin, lined with fine leathers, plush couches, and hot tubs.

That always calms us down in a storm.

Photo Credit: YCO

10.) Hinckley SouWester 70

Just because a hurricane is bearing down on you doesn't mean you have to give up all sense of taste. You're not one of those horrible Russian oligarchs on some garish, beige multi-story construction. No, you deserve something classy, so buy from Hinckley.

Suggested By: chazz423, Photo Credit: Hinckley

9.) Palmer Johnson's Dragon

Not everyone is prepared to sail a yacht away from a hurricane, but just about anyone can get out of dodge on a massive sports yacht. Palmer Johnson's 135' Dragon should be sufficiently powerful, and it looks like sex.

Suggested By: Joel McLaughlin, Photo Credit: Pamer Johnson

8.) The Gentry Eagle

Of course, if you want speed, you can't top the 1988 Gentry Eagle, the world's fastest motoryacht. Constructed in 1988, she set a record for crossing the Atlantic in 62 hours and 7 minutes, and in '92 she was converted out of racing spec. Now she's for sale for just $3,950,000!

Suggested By: HamerHeadFistpunch, Photo Credit: Gentry Eagle

7.) Palmer Johnson PJ-72 Super Sport

The Gentry Eagle is a paltry 114' long. You need something that says "hey, I have enough money to buy my own island." The 249' Palmer Johnson PJ-72 should do the trick, along with its super-cool inverted bow and carbon fiber construction.

Suggested By: quietfox101, Photo Credit: Palmer-Johnson

6.) The Hemisphere

Every yacht needs bomb bay doors to deploy a stashed speedboat. It's just natural. The world's largest catamaran, the 145' Hemisphere, complies with this need.

Suggested By: Kiwi_Commander, Photo Credit: Pendennis

5.) Anything by Lürssen

You're not a real yachtmaker until you've also built warships for the German navy. Lürssen has also built the fifth largest yacht not owned by a head of state, Paul Allen's Octopus. We'd settle for something a bit more manageable, like their gorgeous 248' Northern Star.

Suggested By: Grrrowler, Photo Credit: Lürssen

4.) Diamonds Are Forever

Nothing laughs in the face of a hurricane like a 200' luxury cruiser, the most sumptuous yacht we could find on sale. It's like some kind of Trump Palace in this thing.

Suggested By: pauljones, Photo Credit: Diamonds Are Forever

3.) Gunboat 66

While it's fun to have something massive and huge to outlast a big storm, it's much more fun to try and outrun it. One of the fastest sailing ships you can get your hands on is the custom, all-carbon Phaedo Gunboat 66. It sails like a dream and it makes you look like a Bond villain.

Suggested By: ppenumbra, Photo Credit: Gunboat

2.) Astrada Trimaran

Oh, your boat has two hulls? Mine has three. The Astrada Trimaran only cost $15 million, and there is only one in the world, but it's just about the coolest thing on the sea.

Suggested By: Stig-a-saw-us-wrecks, Photo Credit: John Shuttleworth

1.) Wally 118

There is only one yacht in the world that makes you look like you came from the future, and it's the 17,000 horsepower Wally 118. The king reigns supreme.

Suggested By: typhoon5000, Photo Credit: Wally Design