Carmakers set aside huge reserves of cash to build monumental headquarters. They serve as representations of the company's spirit, and Jalopnik readers have picked the very best in the world.

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If you're confused why you don't see some of your favorite factories on this list, it's because we've already detailed the ten best. Places like Wiesmann, Morgan, Pagani, Koenigsegg, and Fiat's Lignotto building are all there. We've focused here on headquarters, though a few notable headquarters are paired with production facilities, too.

Photo Credit: BMW

10.) Mazda USA

Every weekend, Mazda USA opens up its parking lot to host one of the best Cars & Coffee meet-ups in the country. Oh, and their basement is full of classic race and road cars.

Suggested By: cpnslow, Photo Credit: Axion23

9.) Porsche Leipzig

Porsche's headquarters in Leipzig are probably the company's coolest facilities. Classic cars, on- and offroad test tracks, and of course, the awesome main building.

Suggested By: Yield2no1, Photo Credit: Carsten Lindstedt

8.) Mercedes-Benz Stuttgart

M-B's more emotional home is in Stuttgart. This is where they keep their classic center and their museum.

Suggested By: Gto62, Photo Credit: Daimler

7.) GM in the 1950s

Before it bought up the frankly boring Ren Center, GM built its own HQ, designed by Albert Kahn. Their tech center, too deserves mention. It cost $100 mil in 1955 dollars (over $8 billion today), and was designed by Eero Saarinen. It is a mid-century classic.

Suggested By: The Voice Of Harold Montgomery, Photo Credit: GM

6.) Volkswagen Wolfsburg

VW built its own damn city in Wolfsburg called Autostadt, and it did a much cooler job of it than Toyota's more drab, yet equally gargantuan center.

Suggested By: crby35, Photo Credit: AutoStadt

5.) Lotus

Lotus epitomizes the small-scale British sports car manufacturer. Well, at least their HQ does. Check out their excellent self-designed test track right out the back door.

Suggested By: wisc47, Photo Credit: Lotus

4.) Ascari

Lotus may have its own test track, but Ascari has its own private race course and it's in southern Spain. When people come all over the world to launch cars at your headquarters, you've done well.

Suggested By: ratonbox, Photo Credit: Ascari

3.) McLaren

We've already detailed why McLaren's factory facilities in Woking are outstanding. The whole facility itself is awesome, though. Historic F1 cars fill up the lobby, and everything else is perfectly, immaculately ordered.

Suggested By: jvallido, Photo Credit: McLaren

2.) Ferrari

Ferrari's HQ has its own test track, a fairly great museum, and a pretty great restaurant, too. It's everything you'd want from a supercar builder in Italy.

Suggested By: Patrick Frawley, Photo Credit: KaiHamburg

1.) BMW

BMW's Munich headquarters isn't rustic like Ferrari, but it is technically spectacular. Its Vierzylinder central tower cast a shadow over the nearby BMW-Welt, where the company houses its classics and delivers cars to owners. It is a piece of technically stunning automotive architecture.

Suggested By: albino09, Photo Credit: BMW