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An automotive manufacturer can make any generation of new car beautiful or interesting (with a little effort), but they've only got one chance in a generation (or a century) to get their headquarters right.

Sometimes people surprise you with their sartorial choices. There are stylish computer programmers and motorcyclists that love floral patterns. As corporations are people, too, the same stylistic surprise applies to them. For example, Toyota has its own city, which is actually pretty interesting, in a way. Not something you'd expect from the company that gave us the Camry, a milquetoast anagram of "My Car."


But amongst the coolest automotive headquarters must be GM's Renaissance Center. It's nearly a city unto itself, it has a "people mover" and a sweet spot on the river. If the towers weren't so round and appealing, it could easily be the bizarre headquarters of some evil conglomerate. And it not only dominates but defines Detroit's skyline.

Now, the Renaissance Center is cool, but there's so much interesting architecture out there we're confident you'll be able to top it. Lay down your suggestion in Kinja.

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