Every single brand has its fanboys and fangirls, but some enthusiasts stand out from the rest. Jalopnik readers think they know who loves their brand the most.

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Some car fans are deeply in love with their brand. They sink their paychecks into their cars, they go to shows, they spend their nights in the garage, and they do it all for companies that, sometimes, don't even care about them or don't exist at all.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

10.) Subaru

It used to be only boring people drove Subarus. Then Subaru started winning rallies and every knuckle-dragging yahoo from Wales to Walla Walla, Washington is going sideways in a blue Scooby. Oh, and watch this video to see how the US contingent reacted when their man Ken Block switched from Subaru to Ford.

Suggested By: For Sweden, Photo Credit: shutterbc

9.) Triumph/MG

It's hard to say if the people who dedicate their time and money to moldy old convertibles that never start are crazy, or if they're just addicted. MGs and Triumphs are basically the smack of the car world.

Suggested By: magman007, Photo Credit: Irene Lee

8.) BMW

For a car company that regularly takes a dump on the opinions of its most loyal fans, a lot of people are still fanatically devoted to BMW. They will accept nothing without a blue roundel on the front.

Suggested By: TheCrudMan, Photo Credit: Justin Capolongo

7.) Jeep

Firstly, Jeep fans pour all their money into their off roaders. "Just Empty Every Pocket." Secondly, they spend every minute of their free time going out into the forest or the desert knowing they will eventually roll their Jeeps off a cliff.

Suggested By: frankiepoops, Photo Credit: frankiepoops

6.) Honda

Honda doesn't make interesting cars anymore. Don't tell that to their fans. They will berate you with intimate details of the gas/brake pedal setup on their Civic Si for hours until you admit it is the best automobile ever designed.

Suggested By: Victorious Secret, Photo Credit: wiros

5.) Japanese Nostalgic Cars

If you think that new Honda owners are obsessed, you haven't seen the crews that restore and modify classic Japanese iron. In the States and Southeast Asia they are vigilant. In Japan, they are downright unhinged.

Suggested By: LookaBoomba, Photo Credit: 8mitsu

4.) Saab

Saab used to build quirky, cool little cars. That was in the 1970s. 95% of everything else they made since was boring, but the worse it got, the more fiendishly Saab Slaabs protected their brand's name.

Suggested By: Pibbs loves his Saab, Photo Credit: faceme

3.) Volkswagen

You know that someone daily-drives that slammed VW above. It is the Volkswagen way.

Suggested By: there's a worm in my apple, Photo Credit: Garret Voight

2.) Ferrari

Known as the Tifosi, Ferrari fans are unlike anybody else. Look at them try to get run over by Michael Schumacher to get an idea. Oh, and 99.99% of Ferrari fans will never even come close to owning one of the actual cars.

Suggested By: SennaMP4, Photo Credit: David Baxendale

1.) Holden, mate

As of 2010, in Australia no less than 46% of all cars impounded for hooning were Holdens. Australian car fans are the last great "I will punch you in your fucking face if you say anything about my car company" fans. Holden fans are the wildest of all.

Suggested By: TheBFairfield, Photo Credit: Getty Images