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Most car companies have a small band of ultra-devoted customers watching their every move: the people that can tell a 2003 from a 2004 because of the interior ceiling lights. But which company's fans are the most insane?

J32 probably doesn't mean anything to anybody but a hardcore Honda fan, just as only someone deeply involved in Mercedes lore will be able to tell you the W140 was also known as "fat boy." But each brand has it's own devoted following that can tell you everything about a particular year or model, and shudder to think of owning something from another marque.


Among the craziest must be the Peugeot fans. There are a lot of orphaned car brands in the U.S. for which parts and service are rare, but the Peugeots are in a particularly serious dilemma. The cars aren't desirable enough to support a restoration or parts supply chain, but they're also rare enough that those parts are next to impossible to find. To be a Pug fan in the US is one of the most torturous fandoms in the automotive world, and certainly requires someone with a little insanity to appreciate. Few others would be this excited to see a late-model budget hatch (pictured) in DC.

Peugeot breeds some crazy and diehard fans, but perhaps they're not the most mentally unhinged. If you can think of a car brand with more wilder fanbase post it in the comments.

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