Our roads are clogged with tired, inexperienced, and distracted drivers, but there are a few people who know what they're doing. Jalopnik readers know how to spot those good drivers from a mile away.

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Driving safely isn't just up to you; it's up to all the other drivers on the road, too. Making a safe pass, for instance, requires the other driver to see you coming and give you space. It's in times like these when you need to know if you can trust a stranger behind the wheel.

There are plenty of giveaways that a person is a bad driver (keep an eye out for dents in their bumper), but there are a few telltale signs that someone knows what they're doing on the road.

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10.) They move over after passing

Suggested By: Joe Volpe

Why it says: If you see someone make a clean pass on the left, then get out of the passing lane, chances are you're looking at a good driver. Using the passing lane for passing and passing alone is a painfully rare sight.

Photo Credit: Sarah Gilbert

9.) They keep an older car in good condition

Suggested By: ImRightYoureNot, Ash78

Why it says: We're not just talking about really desirable old classics here; if you see a 20-year-old Mazda 929 that's absolutely spotless, you can bet there's a good driver behind the wheel. Not only does the owner care about their ride, but he or she hasn't gotten into any accidents.

Photo Credit: Raphael Orlove

8.) They flash after a hidden cop

Suggested By: hollatchaboy

Why it says: You have to be fairly attentive to see someone speeding towards a hidden cop, and then flash your high beams to let them know what's up. Being aware of what around you, and caring about others on the road are all signs of a good driver.

Photo Credit: Maggie Osterberg

7.) They're not overly polite at intersections

Suggested By: davesaddiction

Why it says: If you pull up to a four-way stop at the same time as someone on your right and they wait, chances are you're looking at a bad driver. A good driver knows the rules of the road and isn't overly polite. Confidence behind the wheel makes traffic move smoother.

Photo Credit: Ernesto De Quesada

6.) They can park

Suggested By: west-coaster

Why it says: Not all good drivers can park well, but if someone can slot their car perfectly between the white lines and parallel park without any drama, he or she is almost certainly an experienced and capable driver.

Photo Credit: Jalopnik

5.) They use their turn signals

Suggested By: 404 Name not found

Why it says: Drivers signaling before they turn is getting rarer and rarer. Telling other drivers what you're about to do makes the roads faster and safer.

Photo Credit: Aaron Landry

4.) They sit properly

Suggested By: Drags

Why it says: If you pass someone on the highway and he or she is sitting two inches from the steering wheel, or they're holding on to the rim with one pinky, or they're reclined back like Monday Night Football is on, chances are you're looking at a bad driver.


If you pass someone sitting comfortably with both hands on the wheel, chances are you're looking at someone attentive and aware.

Photo Credit: Eric Wolf

3.) They make confident lane changes

Suggested By: AbeVigodasSon, Jaynen

Why it says: If you see someone slowly wobble from one lane on the highway to the next, give them a good, wide berth. Alternatively, if you see someone make a clean, quick lane change, they're probably a fine driver. If you're in the car with them and they check their mirrors and give a quick turn of the head to cover any blind spots, you're in good hands.

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2.) They give space on the highway

Suggested By: Ash78

Why it says: Good drivers understand that giving a buffer zone in front of their car makes all traffic go smoother and faster. Sadly, most of these buffer zones are filled up by impatient, tailgating douchebags.

Photo Credit: John Steven Fernandez

1.) They drive predictably

Suggested By: Blue_Villain

Why it says: The very best drivers are the ones that you never notice. They never force you to brake suddenly, they always let you know when they're turning, they always give you space to merge, and they never cut you off. They less you think about another driver, the better they are.

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