What’s The Telltale Sign Of A Good Driver?

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Knowing someone has been to driving school or seeing that they drive a manual car is a pretty good indicator they'll be a decent driver. But how can you tell who's good when you're already on the road?

Spotting a good driver on the highway can be tough. Just because they've got a nice car doesn't mean they have any clue what they're doing.


There are some clues you can look for, though. The best is probably seeing an M5 badged as a 528i, or any other reverse-ostentation. But this is about as rare as a manual Camry, so we tend to look for cars with the badges removed. If you see a Panamera Turbo with the "Turbo" script removed from the back, that's a good sign the driver bought that car for what it can do rather than what other people will think of him.

What are other ways to tell if you've found a good driver?

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Ash78, voting early and often

How about someone who actually recognizes the need for a "buffer zone" in medium traffic — a person who understands how traffic compression waves work, and that by adjusting their following distance accordingly, they can reduce their stop/start headaches commensurately.

Unfortunately, these good drivers are usually f*cked over by the impatient jerks who see that long following distance and dart into it, creating an unnecessary stop for several cars behind.

This is a very subtle nuance of traffic and most people are just brake-gas-brake-gas drivers. Part of that is the fault of the automatic tranny, but almost everyone does it.