When automakers make a lightweight, hardcore version of one of their sports cars, they always start off with the coupe since it's an inherently better platform to create a performance car.

Then they invariably cave to demand and make a convertible version. Like this, the Maserati GranCabrio MC, the topless cousin of the Granturismo MC Stradale.


If you know the MC Stradale, then you know the GranCabrio MC. Other than a missing roof, pretty much everything remains the same.

But for those of you that aren't familiar, here's a refresher course.

The GranCabrio MC will have Maserati's 4.7 liter V8 producing 460 horsepower. The aggressive front end appears to be taken straight from the MC Stradale, and it also helps to make the GranCabrio MC more aero efficient as well as longer.

In fact, this will be the longest convertible that Maserati makes by a staggering 48 millimeters, for those of you that care about precision.


The biggest departure from the coupe MC is the addition of rear seats, which means you can take additional friends for the ride, provided they're fairly short.

Maserati will be officially unveiling the car in Paris this week.