Star Wars aficionados from around the country set their hyperspace coordinates for Orlando, Fla. last month, showing off costumes and custom cars that would make Trekkies jealous at Star Wars Celebration VI.

If you think that's weird, don't be a dick. Star Wars is awesome! Besides, way weirder shit happens in Florida on a pretty regular basis.

Also, I don't think I've ever seen a more perfect use for the impossibly square rear deck of a Civic del Sol than as a place for R2-D2's dome to pop out. And have you ever seen a better way to pimp out a primer gray car than to make it look like the Millennium Falcon? It was already halfway there.

The event also attracted some more abstract entries — like an old Ford Ranchero that looks like it could have been the little cabriolet hovercraft Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru so graciously let Luke use before he allowed them to be torched by Storm Troopers. Yes, there are even a few shots of Darth Raptor in there.


And there were girls. Ooh la la, Princess Leia. Nice, uh ... Is that a beach volleyball? The full set from The Clone Emperor nicely captures the feel of the gathering.

It's certainly not the only cosplay going on, but it's certainly the best cosplay-with-cars we've seen in a while.


Would you call it carsplay? Is there a name for this yet?

This reminds me of the time I bought a faded blue and silver '85 Chevy van from my friend Psycho Dave's parents. It had been the primary mode of transport (and later the subject of many inadvertent, albeit drunken collisions) for their huge family.


Even when we were in our 20s, Dave never called the thing "my car" or even "my creeper van." It was the Millennium Falcon. The warp drive switch was still on the dash when I bought it from his dad.

(Hat tip to Luke Plunkett!)

Photo credit: The Clone Emperor