Sometimes your car can be a huge time and energy saver. For example, I'm sure Trey Laymon, the owner of this Ford Raptor, finds that his truck saves him vast amounts of time by freeing him from saying "Hello. I adore the Empire from Star Wars more than anything, ever."

Laymon, a Wal-Mart Assistant manager from Oskaloosa, Iowa (according to his Facebook page) has taken his nice new Raptor and made it into a colossal rolling tableau of (primarily) the Sith side of the Star Wars universe.

Walking around the car, you see the front engulfed in flames (probably flames of Dark Force midi-chlorians or something), the doors have a large Galactic Empire emblem on them, and just beyond that, standing with his head over the rear side window and his lightsaber extended down the upper edge of the bed, we have everyone's favorite dad, Darth Vader, who also appears emerging from flames on the hood.

Hidden behind the rear wheelarch and seemingly welding the taillight is Darth Maul, the red horn-faced Sith we all love. The tailgate presents a vast panoramic group portrait of many Star Wars characters, and around the other side we find bounty hunter Boba Fett and his ship, Slave 1, then a couple of storm troopers palling around on the passenger side. Whew.


That's a lot of Star Wars crammed onto one car. It gets even better, since the bed cover lifts to reveal what appears to be a Han Solo frozen in carbonite. It may not actually be Han Solo— my guess is it's just a vagrant dressed like Han Solo frozen in carbonite.

It's an impressive wrap job, and I'm sure it gets lots of attention. I'm always a bit envious of people with such a clear, unwavering focus to their passions, though the overwhelmingly pro-Galactic Empire stance of the truck gives a bit of pause, seeing as how the Galactic Empire is often described as being based on "tyranny, hatred of nonhumans, brutal and lethal force, and, above all else, constant fear."


Still, at least the Empire had some means of getting out of abject poverty with their academies and whatnot; the Republic still had slaves and vast income inequality, so who am I to judge?


Besides, it's much better than this Sophie's Choice Econoline I saw a few years back.

(Thanks, Nate Taylor!)