A while back I wrote about a Ford Raptor that had been aggressively Lucasized by a dedicated Star Wars fan. Like many of you, this truck made me do a great deal of thinking. Mostly, I realized that if anyone was going to cover their vehicle in some custom movie-themed wrap, of course it's going to be Star Wars. That's just the kind of movie where fans do things like this.

That realization got me thinking about all the movies that you'd think would be pretty unlikely to have a fan make a custom car-wrap for, but the internet's a really, really big place, so I thought I'd hunt down some of the least likely movie/car-wraps. Or just quickly fake some. Who can tell, these days, with all these computers and HAM radios and whatnot?

House of Sand And Fog VW Golf: Despondency? Repeated suicide attempts? Death of a child? If that's not what you want to be thinking about every time you look out over your hood, then I just don't know.

Fargo Isuzu Trooper: What would be better for a real lover of the Coen Brothers' dark comedy Fargo than a white Isuzu Trooper? The troopers vast, flat expanses of body panels are pretty much shaped like the Dakotas already, so why not take that next step?

Dancer In The Dark Chevy Camaro: If you're like many Camaro owners, you'd love to wrap your car in a tribute to Björk, but don't want to be just another Camaro with her in the swan dress on the hood or some outdated image from her Sugarcubes days. You want something that really means something for your Camaro, which is why this Dancer in the Dark decal treatment is so perfect. Lars Von Trier's 2000 movie about a blind Czech immigrant living in squalor and forced into murder to pay for an operation to save her son's sight is pretty much what Camaro ownership is all about. Right?

The Number 23 Dodge Dakota: Like most Dakota drivers, you believe in having a good, tough truck and you believe that Jim Carrey's non-comedic acting is sorely underrated. In order to not become just another "me-too" Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind truck, 23 is a great option to consider, so you can remind people of the frailty of sanity while hauling lumber.

Woody Allen's Interiors Mercedes-Benz Sprinter: This one has a sort of goofy logic to it. What's a Sprinter all about, really? The interior. So it makes sense to turn one into a rolling tribute to Woody Allen's risky and dark first foray into brutally unfunny movies. Besides, it's kind of understated and classy, like a big black Sprinter should be, prowling around the streets of Manhattan.

The Lorax Hummer H2: If there's a better match for a Hummer than a cloying movie with a strong environmental message made from a beloved children's book, then I have yet to hear it. A Lorax-themed Hummer would be like its own matter/antimatter reactor, and we could power all of LA in its ironic glow. Sounds fun, right?

If any of my beloved Jalops have other good improbably movie-car wrap ideas, cram 'em in Kinja down there. That's what it's for!