While certainly the most valuable 1972 Dodge Sportsman Royal Van in history, I'm not convinced the "MELVAN" tour van once owned by Washington metal crew Melvins and scrawled on by Kurt Cobain is worth more than the $99,999.99 it's currently going for.

If you don't know what any of the above description means then it is completely crack pipe to you, but allow me to try to explain. Vans are an important part of the late 20th century music scene (just check out Mike Watt) and this particular Dodge belonged to none other than the Melvins.

Nirvana songs are now being crooned by kids on "The Voice" and Chris Cornell now is more famous for trying to join someone else's band, but at one point they were a part of a grunge scene that had much of its origin in the sludgy tones of the Melvins.


Specifically, Kurt Cobain used to hang with the Melvins and, as the story has it, once drew a remarkably good portrait of K.I.S.S. on the side of their tour van with markers he stole from a grocery store. The Ace Frehley, in particular, is very lifelike.

Now someone is attempting to squeeze all the value out of this Washington relic. A lot of value. The current bid with about seven hours to go is nearing six figures and it hasn't eclipsed the reserve despite eclipsing any common sense.

Personally, I'm saving my money for the Mercury Capri formerly owned by Kim Gordon that David Berman once embossed the front passenger seat of with random lines from "Howl."


(Hat tip to everyone for the tip!)