We're not sure how this Lada 1200/VAZ-2101 ended up at the bottom of this hill in a drainage ditch but after staring at the pictures for a little while it's hard not to come up with a few theories of our own.

Our first thought was that this Lada owner was driven to the point of pushing their car down a hill in an irresponsible fit of disgust brought about by a series of mechanical failures and the resulting misadventures in automotive repair. This theory seems perfectly reasonable, but upon further investigation it appears the car may have been turning on the way down the hill from the look of the grass.

Perhaps this is due to the Lada's atrocious alignment or perhaps this means there was actually someone behind the wheel during the car's adventure down the embankment. If the car was occupied we're sure clear alcohol played no role whatsoever in the fact this car ended up in a drainage ditch or in the subsequent decision to leave the car where it was.


Regardless of what actually happened, we're amused and a little bit terrified you can find crashed Ladas by the side of the road in Russia. We would however be lying if we said we were even slightly surprised.

[Yaplakal.com via EnglishRussia]