Serbia bested Ze Germans this morning at the World Cup, and the U.S.A. is matching up against a tough Slovenian team. Both teams are former members of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. What's your favorite former socialist republic car?

We're including the current and former cars from former socialist republics, whether behind the Iron Curtain or in other parts of the world. As much as we love the Yugo pictured above, our affections lie with a newer car from the Czech Republic (formerly Czechoslovakia). Is there a more lovely sedan for a drive in the Prague Spring than a Skoda Superb? Engineered on the global VW platform that underpins the Passat, it's got miles of style and great features like the hatch-meets-trunk Twindoor system. So many of the global VW products are just badge-engineered, but the Superb is our favorite version of a well-used platform.

C'mon, comrades — share your socialist loves that you used to have to keep so secret.

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