NASCAR pioneer Tim Flock famously said "If racing were completely safe, everyone would do it, and it wouldn't be a sport." A key to motorsport's danger is exciting courses. What's the most dangerous racetrack of all time?

We think the most dangerous racetrack is being used as we speak for the Isle of Man TT motorcycle race. The Snaefell Mountain Course has, in its 103-year history, claimed the lives of 227 participants during races or practices for the various events. The open course through the British Island allows riders to hit an average of 130ish mph around what are single-track country lanes. With riders attaining top speeds of over 180 mph, it's a true widowmaker. Just watch this.

Crack out the history books and try to identify the most dangerous race track of all time. Is it a WRC rally stage? An old F1 track? A new touring car course? Bonus points for photos, videos, or famous quotes about the specific course.

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Photo Credit: Grazia Neri/ALLSPORT