We're going to stop short of calling this the world's worst custom BMW, like we did with yesterday's gag-inducing Corvette, but this poor 328 is certainly right up there with the world's tackiest. It's like a faux-chrome trim factory exploded.

This owner has practiced some pretty shamelessly bad taste. Now, this particular brand of weird customization isn't unprecedented, everybody's seen a Chrysler Cirrus decked out with chrome striping along ever seam to give it that certain 'pop' it doesn't have from the factory. This 3-series certainly has that, but also usurps a fair number of well-known vents used in inappropriate ways. CTS fender vents? Got 'em on the rear bumper. Mercedes SLR-style vents? A pair on the hood, a pair on the front fenders and a pair on the rear fenders. He keeps things real with a quartet of BMW Z4 fender vents positioned just so. Topping it all off is an auto parts store's entire stock of faux antenna and accent baubles. Chris Bangle would be proud. (Hat tip to Vernon) [e90Post]