Race Numero Quatro of the 2010 LeMons season left a trail of connecting rods, oil, and bumpers all over Infineon Raceway's once-pristine surface, and we saw our first-ever LeMons Citroën. Want to see the other 146 entries?

Thanks to Nick Pon and Or4n6e for photographic help, and to the Faster Farms Chickens for allowing me to mount the PillarCam on their Belvedere.

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This was the 25th race in 24 Hours of LeMons history, and the first to take place on a race track that everyone has "driven" countless times in a video game. Did that make for better driving? Hell no! Spinouts, crashes, off-track excursions, and general madness kept the Penalty Box hopping all weekend. Quote of the race: "You haven't drafted until you've drafted the Wienermobile."

1. Eyesore Racing, Mazda Miata
Overall Winner

2. Big Sausage Pizza/Krider Racing, Acura Integra
Winner, Good Class

3. Cajun Coonasses dba Racer XXX, Nissan Sentra SE-R

4. Lil' Smokey and the Bandit, Toyota MR2
Winner, MR2 Cup

5. Help Dubai, Porsche 944

6. Datsun 1200 B/S, Acura Integra
BS Penalty laps: 5

7. Marvin the Martian via Heisenberg Racing, BMW E30

8. Cheetors, Nissan Sentra SE-R

9. Not Half Good, BMW 325iS

10. POS Racing, BMW 325i

11. LowerGear part4, BMW 325i

12. Rogue Squadron, Nissan Sentra SE-R

13. Filthy Faux Ford GT40, Ford Escort ZX2
Winner, Bad Class

14. Blanco Basura Racing, Honda Prelude

15. Italian Stallions, Fiat X1/9

16. Zoom-Zoom... Boom, Mazda 323

17. A-Team: The Anarchy Edition, Porsche 944

18. Barbarian Motorworks, BMW 325eS

19. Team Area 51, Nissan 300ZX

20. Scuderia Flat Pack, Volvo DL
BS Penalty laps: 1

21. The UNDERGROUND, Nissan 300ZX

22. Off-The-Scale-Racing, Mazda RX-7

23. Double Fartini I, Porsche 924
BS Penalty laps: 2

24. Carpocalypse NOW, Eagle Talon
BS Penalty laps: 1

25. B-Team, BMW 325e

26. Team Apathy- Blown Seal, Saab 9000


28. Uber Vogel: Hans Am, Mercedes-Benz 190E

29. Bunny With A Pancake On Its Head, Volkswagen Rabbit

30. Team Can't Am, Volvo 242 Turbo

31. White Trash Ken Racing, Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

32. Audi get by me?, Audi 90

33. Sierra Auto Recycling, Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

34. General Lederhosen, BMW 325e

35. SmorgasBorg, Porsche 944

36. Team Hurling Moss, BMW 2002

37. San Diego Minis Team Bean, Austin Mini
Winner, Ugly Class

38. Autobahn Society Racing, BMW 2002

39. The Faustest Team, BMW 325e

40. White Trash Barbie Racing, Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

41. Dust n Debris, Dodge Shadow

42. Crash Test Dummies, BMW 325e

43. Team California Mille, Alfa Romeo Alfetta
Winner, Heroic Fix Award

44. Rockin' Rollers, Mazda RX-7

45. Jim Hall(ing) Ass Racing, Jeep Cherokee

46. Excuse Me, Acura Integra

47. Lipstick on a Pig, Nissan Sentra SE-R

48. SteamPunkaZoid Racing, Mazda Miata

49. The Fat and the Furious, Mazda Miata

50. Volcano Motorsports, Toyota MR2

51. Track To the Future, Honda CRX

52. Members Only, Porsche 928
BS Penalty laps: 40

53. Godzilla Loves Bacon, BMW 325eS

54. Ecurie Ecrappe Autodenta, Alfa Romeo Spider

55. Dudes of Hazard II, Toyota Celica

56. The Cannonball Bandits, Toyota Corolla FX16 Wienermobile
Winner, Organizer's Choice

57. Snobs on the Dole, Saab 93 Turbo

58. Roebuck Racers, Plymouth Neon
BS Penalty laps: 10

59. Absolute Lemon Motorsports, BMW 325

60. Speed Racer, Honda Prelude

61. Nerd Herd, Toyota MR2
BS Penalty laps: 5

62. A Lemon Entry, Ford Escort

63. Fast Times @ Placer High, Mazda Miata

64. Hit & Run, Mazda RX-7

65. The Church of the Lost Cause, Nissan 300ZX
BS Penalty laps: 3

66. Pendejo Engineering, Jaguar XJ-12

67. We Each Hit Racing, Toyota Paseo

68. The Tercelator Society, Chevrolet Camaro

69. Sin City LeMons, Volkswagen GTI

70. Team MAGIC, Nissan Maxima

71. Cosmorita Cowboys, Porsche 944

72. Easy 908, Porsche 914

73. Bernal Dads Racing, Volvo 245

74. Caffeine Unlimited, BMW 325iS

75. Clunkers Refuge Racing, Nissan 300ZX

76. INGSOC 1984 Mustang, Ford Mustang

77. Bankrupt Racing Sponsored By TARRP, BMW 535
BS penalty laps: 5

78. D.I.L.L.I.G.A.F., Honda CRX

79. Automatica, BMW 325

80. B210 Racing, Datsun B210

81. Junkyard Kats, Nissan 280ZX Turbo

82. Hepfield's and McCoy's, Nissan 300ZX
Winner, Z Cup

83. Blood Drive / Arcane Racing, BMW 530i

84. ZZ Uber - Emo Fixie Poets, Volkswagen GTI

85. Gone In 60 Laps, Ford Mustang

86. Magnum POS, Honda CRXstarossa

87. Faster Farms III: Petty Poultry, Plymouth Belvedere

88. Project Fate Racing, Nissan 300ZX

89. Stick Figure Racing, Toyota MR2

90. Mister Hanky Too, Datsun 280Z

91. Carpet Pissers, Honda CRX

92. Rascally Rabbit Racing, Fiat 124 Spider

93. ZZ Uber- Schwinn F*cking Armstrong, Volkswagen GTI

94. Team Last Minute, Dodge Colt

95. Crash Test Zombies, Mazda RX-7

96. Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys, Peugeot 505 Turbo

97. Team Stimulus Package, Honda Civic

98. Cajun Coonasses dba Speed Racer, Honda Prelude

99. Bavarian Beer Wagon, BMW 325e

100. War Pony Racing Team / Noname Show, Chevrolet Camaro

101. Frak This Racing / Lime Tigers, Datsun 280Z

102. Group of Foolz, BMW 533i

103. SupraMan Racing, Toyota Supra

104. PIT CREW REVENGE, Honda Civic

105. Squadra Volante, Alfa Romeo Alfetta
Winner, Heroic Fix

106. Geo-U812, Geo Metro

107. Frankenstang III, Ford Mustang

108. Huey Newis and the Lose, Ford Mustang

109. Unsafe At Any Speed, Chevrolet Corvair

110. Boxwrench Garage, Saab 900 Turbo

111. Shark Infested Rotors, BMW 528e TURBOOOOOOO

112. 500 Buck Chuck, Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor
BS Penalty laps: 2

113. FIR Burger Express Delivery, Lincoln Continental Town Coupé
Winner, Least Horrible Yank Tank Award

114. Red Rocket Racing, Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe
BS Penalty laps: 5

115. Clueless Party Vikings VRG, Ford Mustang

116. Chim Chim Racing, Volkswagen GTI

117. Team Five and Dime, Datsun 510
Winner, Judges' Choice Award
BS Penalty laps: 50

118. Psychotic Samurai, Mazda RX-7

119. The Super Starions, Mitsubishi Starion

120. Skid Row Racing, Chevrolet Camaro

121. C4 Demolition Team, Chevrolet Corvette

122. Lemon Demolition, Honda CRX

123. Snowspeeder Pilots Association, Toyota MR2

124. Communists 'Я' Us, BMW 320i
BS Penalty laps: 5

125. Road and Trash, Jaguar XJ6
BS Penalty laps: 3

126. Stars And Stripes Racing, Mazda RX-7

127. Flamin' Rods, BMW 325iS
BS Penalty laps: 10

128. Team California Mille #2, Alfa Romeo Alfetta
Winner, Heroic Fix Award

129. Air Prance Oui We Can Can, Citroën ID19
Winner, Index of Effluency Award

130. The Black Flags, Toyota Supra
Winner, Toyota Reliability Award

131. Rubbins Racing, BMW 325iS
BS Penalty laps: 9

132. Gimp Pimp, Cadillac Eldorado
Winner, Grassroots Motorsports Most From The Least Award

133. 4 R's Racing, Volkswagen Jetta

134. Rubber Ducky Racing, Ford Mustang
BS Penalty laps: 3
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135. Faulknor Autoracing Team, BMW E28
Image source

136. Maximum Overdrive Racing, Toyota Pickup

137. ONSET One Night Stand Endurance Team, Chevrolet Cavalier
Winner, I Got Screwed Award

138. Double Fartini 2, Porsche 924 Turbo
Image source

139. No Whining Wracing Team, Nissan Maxima
Winner, People's Curse
BS Penalty laps: 3

140. Mad Maxel Tov!, Ford Capri

141. Killer ZomBEES, Damned and Dented, MG MGB

142. Newly Unemployed MegaloManiac Individuals, Mazda RX-7
BS Penalty laps: 100

143. Lightning McQueen, Pontiac Sunfire
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144. The Flakes, Volvo 244

145. Black Death, Toyota Cressida

146. Angry Quilters, Mazda RX-7
BS Penalty laps: 300

147. Art Attack, Porsche 944
BS Penalty laps: 300