Springing forth from old Jalopnik posts and the icy wastes of Canada is a mid-engined hyper-super-mega car with an eye-violating SEMA paintjob and a Corvette V8 engine.

It’s not easy to make jokes about Canadians while in Europe, being relatively close to the icy wastes of Siberia and heated entirely by natural gas mined there, so let’s stick to the basics. We first wrote about the HTT Pléthore back in the winter of 2006, back when it was called the Locus Pléthore and was just as plentiful in horsepower as its name would suggest: 1.3 Veyrons of the stuff, to be specific. Said 1300 HP was to propel a carbon fiber chassis weighing barely over a ton at 2500 pounds, resulting in a power-to-weight ratio straight from the Department of Yeah Right.

Cars like this are usually the realm of CAD files instead of showrooms and fabulous road tests in Evo magazine, but after a change of name from Locus to HTT, the Pléthore is apparently real: the company is taking orders. The full name is HTT Pléthore LC-750, indicating a more modest but still not shabby power output from its 6.2-liter Corvette V8. You can impulse-buy your way into owning one ton of speeding Canadian lunacy for 375,000 American dollars.

Should you care to inspect your pricey and bizarre new purchase before you plunk down the cash, it will be on display at the Top Marques luxury car show in Monaco between April 15–18. Courtesy of their website, a floor plan, on which an orange box marks the spot:

Don’t let yourself be distracted by all the Pagani Zondas.

If you’re already there, stay another month and watch the Grand Prix—perhaps this time Michael Schumacher will not park his Ferrari smack in the middle of the circuit.

In the meantime, you will have time to wonder about the Pléthore’s McLaren F1-esque seating arrangement of three in a row, the driver in the middle. And also wonder why the extraordinary and very toothpaste-green Bizzarrini Manta of 1968, a car with a similiar seating arrangement and similarly powered by a Corvette V8 in the back, is not for sale anywhere.

Actually, the answer to that is clear: the Bizzarrini Manta is a 2020 model year car. It comes with a free jetpack. Until we can strap one on, a question is due our Editor-in-Chief. Mr. Wert, as you have shown a “liking” to certain extravagant cars, would you do the Manta, Ray?

Photo Credit: HTT, Top Marques, ESproductions.ca, exfordy/Flickr