Every year the variety of cars at SEMA seems to grow, including everything from a Smart Car to a F-750. Looking at the entire automotive universe: what car is the best canvas for customization.

It's been exciting to see more people take on the Transit Connect as a vehicle for customization. In terms of being a canvas, it's a big blank one with unique proportions someone with the right sort of creative spirit can easily exploit. Though a Dodge Sprinter 3500 would be better by this logic, the Transit Connect is also smaller, more affordable and a better drive. The Azentek and Grant Products Connect is a good first start, adding a custom pull-out kitchen and an upper bunk bed for sleeping. The Transit Connect could be a great office on the go with a sportier driving experience than your average van. We could also see a mid-mounted engine Supervan derivative if someone wanted to stuff something great from Ford's parts bin back there (Coyote? EcoBoost?).

What would you like to see the maestros of customization turn to next?

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