Let's say you have a sick love of the Toyota Prius, but you also need the kid-toting and junk-hauling capabilities of a limousine. Solution? Weld a whole new section in the middle and make yourself a six-door Prius hybrid-limo.

Although we've seen a shot of the Prius limo before, we've never seen it in so much detail. These shots come to us from the fancy Jalopnik Facebook page (which is like the wild west of commenting. Have fun with it kiddies!) With six fully functioning doors, it was apparently created to tote around a whole herd of kids and their junk. It's got and somehow manages to return similar fuel economy as the regular Prius. It's center section might be a little bumpier, but you can't argue with the sleek limo proportions. Somehow this car is way, way cooler than a normal Prius, but we have no idea why. (Hat tip toGabe!)