We've seen a lot of awesome cars Down on the Street, over 450 in fact, but this 1962 Chrysler Ghia L6.4 is high in the running for rarest and most jaw-droppingly awesome.

We were driving down Woodward after taking in the smoldering ruins of the collapsed 9 Mile Bridge when we nearly got whiplash gawking at this 1962 Chrysler Ghia L6.4 parked street side for all the world to see. Seems the car belongs to a fellow in the area and it was spending some time at Northland Collision, which was cleaning up a couple of flaws. Only 26 of these cars were ever created. The Chrysler components were built in Michigan and coachwork and assembly done in Italy. The L6.4 sold for a staggering $13,500 when it went to market, the equivalent of $95,000 in 2009 dollars. There's not much to match its style at any price. Easily one of the coolest cars we've ever see parked street side.