Ever wanted to see a storm chaser driving straight into the path of a tornado to film what's inside? You're in luck — because we've got it right here.

The TornadoVideos.net team was able to get so close to this Goshen County, Wyoming tornado thanks in part to their hunkered down armored Storm Vehicle Research (SRV) 'Dominator' and its bubble-mounted rooftop camera.

In order to create this fortress on wheels they had to modify a 2007 Chevy Tahoe with bulletproof sheet metal and transparent lexan over the stock windows to protect them from flying debris as well as install a roll cage structure in case the vehicle rolled while collecting data. They claim that the goal of the Dominator is "not to drive into a tornado, but to collect scientific data." It seems with their latest video they've completely forgotten about their initial goals and we salute them for that. [Gizmodo via TornadoVideos]