Can't find a Dangel Peugeot truck in the States? No prob- just build a 505/Subaru mashup! That's what happened here, but some tragic series of events put this cartruck on the road to The Crusher.

Cameron found this fine machine in a Southern California junkyard:

The unbelieveably long-lived XN6 lump. This engine, properly maintained, will run forever.
Drivetrain: BA10/5 transmission. Rear axle is whatever Peugeot put there in the factory. There's a driveshaft, too.
Notes: Found it in a junkyard in Sun Valley, CA and had to get pictures. I mean, it's a 505 wagon that's been hacked into a Subaru Baja - well, sort of. Unfortunately, I was unable to rescue it from the crusher, but at least I can prove that *someone* really did do this to a 505. It's actually kinda cool, in a backwoods-tech sort of way.
Hummer SUT? Screw that, this baby purely rocks!
I found this car a few years ago in a particularly notorious Sun Valley, CA junkyard (no, not the one with Fiat 500, Renault 5, and Citroen SM on the walls, but it's about a mile away from there) and got the photos on their grounds while being yelled at by the employees, Have tp admit, I do miss that place, and, as a past 505 owner... I do lust after this vehicle's remains. The 505 was France's Dodge Dart, and this seems like an oddly fitting end for one of its finest cars. "She's the last of the rear-drive Peugeots, Max..."