Live a Life of Dangel With a Peugeot 4X4!

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Inspired by yesterday's Peugeot Econoscope post, French Project Car Hell Poster Child Franzouse figured we might be interested in the 4x4 conversions performed by the French company Dangel on Peugeot 504 pickups. So take a look here,here, here, and here for some four-wheelin' tough Peugeot truck action.



My love of French cars comes from my intense hatred of them as a teen. I went to an upper east side manhattan private school and every morning the parade of cars dropping off the kids was 90% black Town Cars, a few Mercs and my Dad's 1986 poo-green 505 Station Wagon which drowned me in shame everytime someone looked at us.

At the time, its only redeeming feature was the diplo-license plate.

Now, 15 years later, the car is back in France and it still runs, as my dad said:

"Once we got past the faulty wiring, faulty electronics, the injection problems, that car was a dream".

Having driven it, and done pretty ridiculous things with it while trying to kill it I now respect it immensely.

And I would rather have an unreliable, charming Dauphine than one of those ghastly Pug 207 HDis. Yikes.