When we saw the Red Gold SLR this morning, we had no idea its creator would become our new hero. He even keeps shots of his model girlfriend's boobs on his gold-plated laptop. NSFW

Ueli Anlicker lives in Winznau, Switzerland where he own a museum devoted to his red and gold custom cars and motorcycles, a Thai restaurant, a disco club complete with Playstation 3, on which guests can play Formula One games, a café lounge, and his own modern art/design studio.

Ueli Anlicker's first Ferrari was a 246 Dino, but he later owned a custom 550 HP Ferrari 512 BB that he once drove to 205 MPH, nearly making it the fastest car on earth. He also once built a 180 HP Honda CBX1000 that he also drove to 205 MPH.

Ueli Anlicker also owns a custom offshore powerboat of his own design named the "Anliker Colibri." It has two V8 engines making 800 HP, propelling it to a top speed of 124 MPH.


In 2004 Ueli Anlicker traveled to Daytona Beach, Florida where his talking alarm and hydraulic suspension-equipped custom bike, the "Red Gold Dream" (also the name of his SLR), equipped with a talking alarm and hydraulic suspension, won Best In Show at Daytona Bike Week.

Ueli Anlicker describes his custom Red Gold SLR as the "absolute highlight" of his career. It's equipped with 500 rubies and gold plate, taking its value to a whopping $4.3 million. Ueli Anlicker, we salute you. [via Ueli Anlicker]

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