This very special Mercedes SLR McLaren Red Gold Dream has been adorned with 500 rubies and 14k gold, transforming a once unassuming super car into something truly eye-catching.

A model of restraint and good taste, the builders focused on adding mechanical function before applying the classy finishes. The new front splitter, an excellent match for the SLR's styling, adds 220 Lbs of downforce at the vehicle's top speed: 217 MPH. That 9 MPH increase is thanks to engine tuning which brings the power up to 999 HP.


At the rear, a small increase in spoiler size and a revised diffuser, accented with gold trim, increase downforce by 80kg.

Of course, going that fast also requires excellent vision and to that effect 500 LEDs have been discretely incorporated in the revised bodywork. Even the functional ducts on the SLRs flanks are capable of lighting up in vibrant color to boost safety.


"Now, wait, gold is hardly an ideal material for automotive applications." I hear you saying. Do not worry! Areas under particular stress have been coated in 24k gold for enhanced durability. In order to avoid melting the gold in the area of the door sills due to increased exhaust gas temperatures, the exhaust pipes have been wrapped in a special insulating blanket. The car's makers have helpfully positioned mirrors on the floor underneath the car so that visitors may be able to view this enhancement.

Neither has the interior been neglected in this comprehensive improvement program. The leather has been painted gold, while buttons are in either gold or ruby.

As a final flourish, the wheel centers have had a simply extravagant gold and ruby SLR logo reimagined in the style of a dollar sign. This hints at the car's value, estimated to be $4.3 million. [via]