Everyone remembers Ken Imhoff, who built a Lamborghini Countach in his basement. Now, a Polish man is looking to out-do that effort with his own version of the McLaren F1. So far? Epic Fail.

Our hero is using a BMW V12 engine of dubious origin, somewhat like the 627 HP mill from the legendary, Gordon Murray-designed McLaren F1, but pretty much everything else is somewhat... er, less authentic. The tube frame chassis looks like it was hacked together with a 120V stick welder. Fiberglass replaces carbon fiber. Everything seems to be scavenged from the junkyard, including the tires.

He's certainly tenacious, though. One little problem like half-shafts that didn't reach the engine were fixed by ingenious solutions like half-shaft extenders. Yeah, this isn't going to do much to reduce the stereotype Polish people have to deal with. [Tuning Forums via Cardomain]