We had quite the debate over the value of the '87 AMG "Hammer" Mercedes-Benz 300E, but we mustn't forget that Mercedes-Benz wasn't the only recipient of AMG wizardry in the 1980s.

That's right, discerning (and well-heeled) Japanese car shoppers could buy an AMG-ified Mitsubishi Debonair. Of course, we love the Debonair on general principle- the name alone is enough to win our hearts!- so front-wheel-driveness of the Royal AMG doesn't scare us away, nor does the untouched-by-AMG 200-horse V6. Of course, what we really want is a Hyundai Grandeur dressed up with the AMG gear from its Debonair sibling! Sadly, the AMG modifications were limited to dress-up stuff, but pay no mind to that minor detail. Japanese Nostalgic Car has a good writeup on the AMG Debonair, as does 7Tune, and you can head to Japan for some more after that.