Just as we suspected Friday, the 2009 Detroit Autorama Ridler Award was given to the builders and owner of the super-slick maroon hot rod called "Duecenberg."

The Ridler award, given out every year at the Detroit Autorama, is one of custom hot rodding's biggest awards. In addition to the fame and the engraved trophy comes $10,000 cash, a General Motors crate motor and an embroidered jacket you get to show off to all your shop rat buddies.


The rule, other than it being the bestest rod at Autorama is the car must be in it's very first showing anywhere, so if you've got something awesome, you have to sit on it until the Autorama.

The Duecenberg was built by Alan Johnson Johnson's Hot Rod Shop in Gadsden, Alabama and is owned by Doug Cooper of Oyster Bay Cove, New York, who counts nine '32 Fords in his stable. The car is based on a 1932 Ford B400, but let's just say things aren't exactly original. It's got a cloth roof over a lift-off aluminum frame, carefully customized body work all around, some classy Dayton Wheels and believe it or not that's a 405 HP GM LS6 under the hood.