Someday, when the 24 Hours Of LeMons is bigger than NASCAR, the custom T-shirts created by LeMons teams in the early days of the series will be valuable collector's items. Let's check out a sampling!

Team T-shirts have become a LeMons tradition, and we're seeing more and more at every race. Some are clearly designed by graphics pros, while others appear to have been stamped out using carved potatoes as "printing presses" and dirty 90-weight gear oil as "ink."

The teams wear them with pride, give them to their supporters, and swap them for the shirts of other teams.

They also give them to the LeMons Supreme Court Justices in order to lubricate the gears of justice, which is why I have so many in my collection. The Team Puff Puff Pass shirt above (issued by the doobie-enhanced Civic team that won the Yeehaw It's Texas '08 race's Most Redneck Fix trophy) gets a lot of use in my sartorial rotation.

Walker Canada, creator of the ever-popular Driveshaft Through The Skull warning symbol, seems to be well on the way to becoming the Big Daddy Roth of LeMons team T-shirt design. The latest team to commission a genuine Walker design is the Volvo Amazon-driving Tunachuckers, who will be sporting shirts with the design above at the LeMons South Spring event next month. You can buy your own Tunachuckers shirts, which should enable the team to provide better judicial bribes this time around, by going to their eBay auction or the team website.

Here's another pair of Walker Canada designs: the Faster Farms Belvedere team shirt and my own team's shirt. Teams interested in commissioning a Walker Canada shirt design should email me and I'll get you his contact info.

Black flag me car! Steal me nickels! The Rum Runners Chevy Malibu may be slow, but they always finish respectably high in the rankings due to their quality driving. Their current shirt design is a winner, too.

Team Porcubimmer has a logo that really works well on a bilirubin-brown T-shirt, and we're sure neither Intel nor BMW would be at all unhappy over the inspiration provided by their corporate logos.

The SHO transmission-destroyin' members of Team Zip Tie have pulled off the best LeMons Rat Fink-esque shirt yet. Note the accurately depicted SHO (except for the engine orientation) and ziptie tongue piercings on the driver. Yes!