Presumably targeting the wealthy wives of disgraced hair-centric former governors with difficult-to-pronounce names, Tesla's third dealership will open in Chicago this Spring with plans for six more in US and Europe later this year.

The store will be located in the chichi River West neighborhood in an attempt to reach wealthy cattlemen (yeah, I've only been to Chicago once) commuting in from the even fancier suburbs. No word on the size of the bribe Tesla had to pay the local government to get a building permit.

Adding to existing locations in Menlo Park and Los Angeles, the electric car company is planning to open stores in London, Munich, Manhattan, Seattle, Miami and Washington DC.

We couldn't pick 9 more congested cities if we tried (ok, well Tokyo, but you get our point) so at least this one Jalop fails to understand the point of electric cars. Sure, they'll pollute less while you're sitting still in traffic, but going to whole hog and purchasing an electric motorcycle like the Quantya Strada or getting in good enough shape to ride a bicycle would reduce your impact on the environment to a greater degree and massively reduce your travel times. The Tesla Roadster retails for $109,000. [source: Tesla]