Top Gear Reviews Tesla Roadster

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Jeremy Clarkson took the Tesla Roadster 'round the Top Gear track, saying it's "an astonishing technical's just a shame that in the real world, it just doesn't seem to work." Video below.


The Top Gear boys got their fish and chips scented mitts on a couple of Telsa Roadsters (you'll see why) and gave it the full program. Loving videography, a little racing with a Lotus Elise and then they tossed it to the Stig for a run at the leaderboard. Take a look and see what the final verdict is yourself.



@layabout met the real Santa: James May says in his Honda FCX Clarity test drive:

The front wheels are driven by a perfectly normal electric motor... but there are no batteries

Epic fail! Maybe James should read Honda's own site on How FCX Clarity works:

"Honda co-developed a compact lithium-ion battery that serves as a supplemental power source in the FCX Clarity."

The poor electricity delivery of hydrogen fuel cell requires a battery to provide power surges to the electric motor and recover kinetic energy in braking — I bet a pretty substantial battery. I wonder how long the FCX could deliver its 136 horsepower without one. Honda won't provide details and is deliberately misleading in this area, because the truth makes the FCX less revolutionary and more complicated.

Maybe the 2028 Chevy Volt will use a hydrogen fuel cell as its range extender instead of an internal combustion engine, but we will undoubtedly be recharging batteries to power the first NNN miles of each trip. (Where NNN steadily goes up as batteries improve.)