The never ending copy/paste job that is the Chinese auto industry continues today with the emergence of the Xiao Long Auto 2060L; an intriguing and legal-only-in-China take on the Hummer H1.

Dongfeng's Brave Soldier has been widely regarded as THE Chinese Hummer counterfeit, but it now has a little friendly competition in the form of Xiao Long Auto's aptly-named 2060L. At 2250mm (88.5 inches) wide, the 2060L certainly is a big boy, dwarfing the already lane-width Hummer H1's 2197mm (86.5 inches) by 2 inches and the Dongfeng Brave Soldier's 1950mm (76.7 inches) by 11 inches. Overall length and height is rated at 5038mm (198 inches) and 1950mm (76.7 inches) respectively. Xiao Long Auto definitely knows how to play ball when it comes to sizing this beast, but can it play in the devil's playground too?

We don't have any numbers referring to the overall approach/departure angles, but we're sure it can't out-handle the 'Merican Hummer H1. We're also sure it can't ford the 30 inches of water that the Hummer can deal with, but we're still searching for an epic YouTube video showing one making the attempt.


The 2060L brings 214 horsepower to the table from its Steyr-sourced 3.2 liter diesel (likely V6) engine, but Xiao Long Auto makes no mention of the torque numbers that it provides - our guess is it's equally unimpressive. If you want to go real low on the totem poll you can opt for the 181 horsepower version, but we don't expect you'll even be able to pull this 7,936-pound hog out of the mud with that poor-excuse-for-an-offroading engine. Xiao Long Auto also employs a Cummins turbodiesel in their other trucks, but this is the same engine used in Dongfeng's Brave Soldier and coincidentally is not offered in the 2060L.

What the Xiao Long Auto 2060L fails miserably at in the power game, it makes up for with its $87,000 - $146,000 price range, besting the Brave Soldier by as much as $132,000. We'll never see the 2060L in America, but if these things have the same depreciation values as an H1, we might have to look into picking one up for a LeMons race or two.

[thetycho via Xiao Long Auto]