Every year at the Chicago Auto Show, there's a military section full of goodies aimed at capturing the Pentagon's hearts and pocketbooks. The Oshkosh SandCat may do so with a dash of shock and awe.

The SandCat is being aimed at the space between the upcoming up-armored Humvee replacement JLTV program and the much, much bigger MRAP. Based on the Ford F550 commercial chassis, the SandCat gets coated in a thick plating of bulletproof armor fully enclosing the passenger compartment. The driveline gets upgraded with a two speed electronically operated transfer case, some very serious bead lock wheels and tires, and air lockers from ARB. This particular demonstrator has a full external fire suppression system, which would come in handy when driving through perhaps a forest fire, or maybe a volcano, which we assume this can also do.