One of the best experiences we had visiting the set of Fast And Furious was chatting with the strange collection of car owners who volunteered their cars as extras in the film. Some had shipped their cars in from across the country for the chance to be in the film. One group, the Solstice guys, had an impromptu meeting of Pontiac Solstice fans. You had the first Solstice with 22-inch rims, the fastest Ecotec Solstice and, impressively, a Solstice owner who converted a Merkur XRT4i back into a Ford Sierra.

There's a truly eclectic and diverse mix of cars including classic American muscle like the Cougar; Korean eco-rockets like the orange Kia; Japanese supercars like the Nissan GT-R and Toyota Supra; German über whips like the Porsche 911; and at least one Honda Civic.