It might be cool… but is it worth the price? 71% of you think that $3.5 million is a good deal for this 1938 Maybach, and today we're going with a more affordable machine.

We've seen that it's possible to stuff a Cadillac 4.9 V8 into an X-11 Citation and it goes without saying that we totally approve of that project. However, the supercharged 3800 V6 engine is easy to find, fits nicely under the Citation's hood, and belts out more power than the lamentably semi-sucky Cad V8. How much power? Well, get yourself a Series II supercharged 3800 and you'll have 205 horses torque-steering your Citation into the nearest concrete object launching that sub-2,500-pound X-11 like it's got JATO assist! That's what we've got here: a pretty clean-looking '85 Citation X-11 with a Series II blown V6, and all for just $7,500. Think that's a good price?
[Craigslist Tampa Bay, go here if ad disappears. Thanks to Nick for the tip!]