As we get ready for the Detroit Auto Show, Japan's getting ready for their annual Tokyo Auto Salon. Think of it as our SEMA show, but on crack and with lots of cute umbrella girls.

Honda is bringing a number of concepts to the 2009 Tokyo Auto Salon; its most important being the tuner-like Sport Modulo S2000 and the Sport Modulo Fit. Both cars feature an interesting, yet aggressive front fascia with integrated LED lighting. The interior of both cars will carry the theme by adding unique fabrics and color schemes not found on the production versions. Honda is also showing a number of other cars including the Racing Modulo Civic Type R, Crossroad, Accord, Odyssey and a bedazzled and bejeweled Life. Honda will also show a full range of Modulo styling equipment, audio, navigation systems and accessories.

It’s likely that Honda will release more information on their concepts once the Tokyo Auto Salon begins on January 9, but until then enjoy our gallery below.

[source: Honda]