Here's the clearest shots yet of the exterior and the first shots of the interior of the 2010 Ford Taurus, expected to be revealed next month at the Detroit Auto Show. Full gallery below.

These up-close-and-detailed shots taken by the quick-to-the-shoot photogs of KGP of a less-disguised prototype for the 2010 Ford Taurus, expected to debut in a few weeks at the Detroit Auto Show. These new shots reveal Ford's decided they just can't let go of the Gilette look as they merge their European and American design studios. To wit, examine the front fascia, featuring a grille that appears to ditch the razor blade-like look of the last model, replacing it with an electric razor from the same company.

In addition, it's also as if the Taurus was sitting in a vat of European design water, with each generation of new cars coming from the Ford design studios displaying more Euro design elements as the waterline gets higher. No seriously, look at the bottom of the front and the rear — they scream Mondeo. Then look at the top of the front and the rear — they positively scream "Hi, my name is Dave." And wait, are those dual pipes in the rear? I wonder what those dual pipes are meant to SHO us? Probably nothing more than the up-engined model, but one can always dream, can't we?

Also on the rear end is a pleasing little dip in the trunk line and a nice chrome element bisecting the Ford logo in the middle. All-in-all, it's a good look.

But, the big news appears to be that interior — caught for the first time in spy photos — which looks like a clean merger between the simplicity we've come to expect from the Ford brand with the Lincoln MKS' plush and cushy feel. We're beginning to like the look of this new sedan — it's certainly a better and more up-to-date look than comparable offerings from Toyota and Chrysler. We approve.

Photo Credit: KGP