2010 Ford Taurus?

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UPDATE #3:The 2010 Ford Taurus is now official — check it out in all its glory!
UPDATE #2: The 2010 Ford Taurus picture is back up! Check it out here. UPDATE: Ford's asked us to take down the spy photo of the 2010 Ford Taurus. Apparently we came too close for their comfort. The Ford forum fan-boys over at TaurusClub apparently snagged the above shot of what they're claiming is the next-generation 2010 Ford Taurus. We can't verify that or anything else about the spy photo, but it sure looks like an attempt at merging the US design philosophy of "Hi, My Name Is Dave" with the European design philosophy of "Attractive." We don't know much else at the moment as any other details on...

...TaurusClub's site have been taken down, along with the post. But what we do know are the rumors we'd heard to expect an all new design for 2010 and we've been told other sites 'round the net have received take-down notices for the photo. So is it the new Taurus? You be the judge. [TaurusClub via GMInsideNews]

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Rob Emslie

if real, then a huge improvement over the look of the current Taurus (I liked the uber-passat look of the five hundred better) with the exception of those goofy fender vents. FORD: please send those to the cornfield. From the stance, firewall height, and wheel proportion, it looks like the five hundred/Taurus size. It's innocuous, but if it comes with SYNC I'm there!