When Spiro Pappas plants his foot in this, the sickest Camaro ever, the car doesn't run a 6-second quarter mile, but rather pulls a Chuck Norris and may actually spin the Earth backwards.

Global warming isn't the big ticket issue anymore, people; not with monsters like this running around. This beefed up 540 cubic inch Rat motor-powered Camaro with a pair of 88mm turbochargers threatens our very way of life: It's slowing the spin of the planet with every drag launch. We've got to act! This calls for emergency legislation, a government-sponsored task force and a book deal, stat.

The exact details on this weapon of mass tire destruction remain fuzzy, but our agents in the field are saying it's estimated to produce 2,800 Horsepower on only 25 pounds of boost pressure. 2,800 Horsepower! It's our firm belief that any more than Toyota gives us in the Prius is just a waste.

Now, we know there's no actual data that this car or any car is slowing the Earth's spin. But it could happen! I'm super cereal, guys.