There have been many entrants for the title of worlds ugliest car, many of which hail from the former Soviet Union republics, but this Ukrainian limousine makes us think the competition might be over.

In the long and storied history of ugly cars, it's hard to find a creation so brazenly ugly, so unabashedly hideous and so thoroughly repulsive it immediately induces thoughts of porcelain worship. Outside it's a quasi bulging off-road SUV-cum-sedan, stretched out with six independent doors and topped with stylish roof racks. In the front we're greeted with a classy Snidely Whiplash mustache with an equally appealing grille guard to protect it. We're not positive, but those look like first generation Ford Focus headlights. Rather than style the rear of the car they just covered up a third of the real estate with tail lights.


Inside things get spectacular. The driver is treated to a wood-grained steering wheel and a vinyl cover over what looks like a late 90's Audi dash. In the night club owners compartment, we see heavily embossed vinyl seats with a handmade television kiosk. Curtains provide ultimate privacy which will be enhanced by the television-topping candelabra.

Truly, this is a magnificent piece work. We commend the creators and recommend they build more of these things in a similar fashion. The world needs to be reminded how lucky they are to have professionals designing the high volume stuff. [EnglishRussia]