Mercedes-Benz will be bringing the BlueZero Concept, a trio of cars wearing Bangle-like bodies and sporting three different alternative power sources, to the Detroit Auto Show.

The Mercedes Benz BlueZero Concept will be debuting at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show in three versions, each equipped with the industry buzz-words able to improve fuel economy: all-electric, hybrid and fuel cell. The Concept BlueZero E-Cell runs a lithium-ion battery, can recharge on two hours of plug-in time, and delivers a 62-mile range. The Concept BlueZero F-Cell runs on the same electric motor but gets its power from an on-board fuel cell.


The most interesting version is the Concept BlueZero E-Plus Cell, which takes advantage of the buzz around an extended range electric vehicle (think Chevy Volt) as it uses a generator to charge the batteries with good old internal combustion when the batteries run dry.

While it is a major faux pas to show off a concept car that doesn't run on puppy dog dreams and emit stardust these days we're more interested in the curious styling. It appears Mercedes has picked up the language it developed with the Bionic concept and added the flame-surfacing design language out of BMW's wastebasket and dusted it off for the BlueZero concept. The result looks like an Opel Meriva that ran into a BMW Z4, swiped the rear hatch off an Audi Q7, then ran through the Tron-wash. Why Benz is recycling widely panned BMW styling language is anyone's guess, but someone had to do it. [Auto Motor Und Sport via PaulTan]