Charles Van Doren, son of poet and critic Mark Van Doren, was no dummy. He was also rather likable and good-looking. This is why he was the perfect man to take on the smart but rather unlikable Herb Stempel on the television quiz show Twenty One. The two battled to ties until, on a rather easy question, Stempel failed and Van Doren, eventually, walked away with a large sum of money and lots of fame. His star was to rise once again, but this time in a more ignominious fashion, when Stempel admitted to taking a dive and being part of a large conspiracy to fool the public. Van Doren eventually recovered from the events, serving as editor of the Encyclopedia Britannica and publishing a number of books. Today we mentioned that Porsche was unable to match the Nissan GT-R ring times in their own GT-R, making LionZoo wonder if Porsche wasn't somehow gaming the system.

Perhaps Porsche should verify the 'Ring times of all the vehicles in the world. Maybe it'll show what they suspected all along; that the 911 is the Nurburgring champion and no other manufacturer can produce a faster car than Porsche. I mean it must be true, Greta from accounting drove all those other cars on the 'Ring and she couldn't get the times that the other manufacturers are claiming. Porsche should stop whining and just stick to charging $1,000 for a clock on their ass-engined Nazi slotcars.


This would make a great movie; someone see if Hank Azaria is available.