This list from the Congress For The New Urbanism (CNU) and the Center For Neighborhood Technology highlights ten aging expressways which arguably have reached their time to die. The CNU's reasoning is that these hulking highways in dense urban areas not only cost far too much to maintain, but that they also hinder the neighborhoods around them from flourishing. The theory is that if the highways are replaced with surface streets, development will be attracted to area and the communities will be rejuvenated. Taking into account the age of the structures, redevelopment potential, potential cost savings, ability to improve both overall mobility and local access, and the existence of pending infrastructure decisions, the list below the jump outlines the top ten highways in North America that need to go according to the CNU. 1.) Alaskan Way Viaduct, Seattle, WA 2.) Sheridan Expressway, Bronx, NY 3.) The Skyway and Route 5, Buffalo, NY 4.) Route 34, New Haven, CT 5.) Claiborne Expressway, New Orleans, LA 6.) Interstate 81, Syracuse, NY 7.) I-64, Louisville, KY 8.) Route 29, Trenton, NJ 9.) Gardiner Expressway, Toronto, ON 10.) 11th Street Bridges and the Southeast Freeway, Washington D.C. [ via Wired]